Dog do's and dont's

House rules for our doggy guests

From previous experience, we understand how hard it can be to find great accommodation that welcomes your whole family and your dog. That is why we are keen to make Dyffryn Conin as dog friendly as possible. We also understand why many accommodation owners say no to dogs! We’re determined not to punish the considerate majority of dog owners for the behaviour of the few. To ensure we all get along for years to come, we thought it might be helpful to outline some house rules for our doggy guests to ensure you all have a safe and happy holiday.

It is important to point out that taking a dog friendly holiday does not mean taking a holiday from your responsibilities as a dog owner, your dog deserves a holiday too and there is so much to explore, one visit will not be enough.

  • Stainless steel feed and drink bowls

  • Eco poop bags and holder

  • Doggy towel

  • Doggy bed or crate – just let us know which

  • Doggy chew or toy

  • Details of the local reputable vet

  • Enclosed garden (but surrounding fence is not dog proof)for that late night toilet trip

  • Enclosed utility so that those muddy paws can be confined

  • Stair gate to prevent any visits upstairs

  • Outside tap and hose for a wash down after a mucky walk

When you first arrive please keep your dog in the car until we have shown you the property and you have got your bearings.
For the consideration of other guests, and animals on and around the farmyard you must keep your dog under control at the farm, this means that while staying at Dyffryn Conin your dog must always be on a lead. Obviously a few steps from Dyffryn Conin you are surrounded by open countryside and once out in the fields or the woods they can be off the lead as much as you like (livestock permitting) Copies of the countryside code are within all welcome packs if you need a reminder.

Maintaining our high standard of accommodation is important to us and sadly we can’t always just repair damage, more often than not it has to be replaced. So we ask that all dogs holidaying with us are fully house-trained and well past any chewing stage as all damages must be reported and paid for.

Currently we only suggest one medium sized dog or two small dogs for a small charge of £25 for the duration of their stay, this will be added to the booking once you have let us know you wish to bring your dog.
The property at Dyffryn Conin is situated within a spacious garden in a very peaceful setting so please consider carefully if your dog is very talkative as your neighbours may not be very understanding and your neighbours are our guests too.
Please do not leave your dog alone in the property at any time as he/she will be so upset you are having fun without them.
Doggy doo doo patrol! Please pick up after your dog mess wherever they are and dispose of poo in an outside bin (located just through the small gate by the swing), even if it is raining. We’ve provided free eco poo bags in the property, so please use them. Our garden areas are for use by all so we would kindly request that you try not to allow your dog to wee or poo here so that the grass is clean for children playing. If your dog uses the allocated area for his/her business please remove it immediately so other guests do not have to look upon it and your dog won’t accidentally step in it and walk it back into the house.

Dogs are not allowed upstairs in the property for ANY reason and as such we have fitted a stair gate to prevent any accidental trips upstairs. Please make sure to close all doors just in case! If you allow your dog to sleep with you at home, then sadly we cannot allow that at Dyffryn Conin. All bedding will be replaced and charged for if any evidence of a dog has strayed upstairs for the night.
We do however provide a blanket for the sofa if you want to snuggle together before bedtime.

A hoover is also provided within the property to keep it free from dog hair which would not be pleasant for any guest. If properties require excessive cleaning we will impose an additional fee to cover the cost of additional cleaning time.
Thank you for your help in keeping Dyffryn Conin a superb location for both humans and dogs!