Please support our green initiative by helping to reduce our impact on the environment. We have sourced a range of products that will care for us and the planet, plus reduce our global footprint.

You can also help and support us by recycling your waste and little things such as turning appliances off at the plug when not in use and switching off lights and heating when you are out and about.


1. Energy efficient lighting and appliances

Our holiday home uses energy-saving LED bulbs to reduce energy wastage. There are a range of replacement bulbs under the kitchen sink, if needed. New appliances fitted have energy star ratings to ensure we are as energy efficient as possible.

2. Recycling

We have a list in the utility room to support guests to follow the recycling protocol that we adhere to in Pembrokeshire.

The following are found in the Utility Room:

Grey bin: general waste of crisp packets, plastic wrap and film, cleaned black/brown food packaging trays, non recyclable food carry-out trays.

*Small grey bucket: Food waste and teabags (full food-waste bags go out in Green bucket outside backdoor)

*Blue Box: newspapers, magazines, comics and envelopes

*Blue Bag: cards, inserts of toilet rolls/kitchen rolls, cardboard boxes, cardboard packaging eg cereal and egg boxes, shoe boxes.

*Red Bag: Washed out & clean – tins, cans, milk containers, fresh juice cartons, plastic drinks bottles and tubs

Nappy bin available for guests

(replacement bio-degradable bags for bins and caddy are found under the kitchen sink. Further bio-degradable doggy poo bags are located in cupboard above red and blue recyclable bags. Also re-usable shopping and grocery bags if required)

The following are found outside the backdoor:

Green Box: glass bottles and jars

Green Lidded bucket: For full food waste bags

Large bin available just through small gate by swing if full grey waste bags need to be stored.

*Collections are Monday morning at 8am

3. Cleaning and Laundry

We use a range of eco-friendly products to prepare the house ready for guests and reduce waste by also using re-usable organic cotton cloths and dusters.





These include the following manufacturers:

 Delphis, Ecoleaf, Ecover, Ecozone, Smol, Stones, Vinsari







Located under the kitchen sink, are eco-friendly products supplied for guests use e.g. washing powder/tablets, multi-surface cleaner



Stain Remover =pink band

Multi-surface Cleaner = orange band

Fabric conditioner = yellow band

Laundry tablets = blue

Dishwasher tablets = pink





4. Eco-friendly and/or Organic Products & Toiletries

To help our guests feel at home, we provide supplies from a range of tried and tested eco-friendly and /or organic products.

All soap, shower gel and shampoo are environmentally friendly and locally sourced from Happy Planet Green Store, Narberth. The dispensers are also eco-friendly and refilled from concentrates to reduce plastic waste.

We also have available Fab Little Bags (to dispose sanitary products), organic cotton pads and re-usable makeup remover pads and washing bag.

Washing up liquid Anti-bactericidal hand wash Shower gel Shampoo & Conditioner Bathroom cupboard

5. Firewood

The firewood, for the open fire in the lounge, is sustainably sources from the farm from trees that have naturally fallen or wind damaged branches or trees including ash, oak, birch and sycamore. Dyffryn Conin Farm has 15% of our acreage, covered in woodland.

6. Garden

Tree stumps in the garden have been drilled with holes to provide accommodation for solitary bees.

Planting in both gardens, including wild flower areas, have been sown and planted to encourage bees and butterflies to the gardens.

Bird nest boxes and bird-feeders are located in the garden.

Compost area behind the main farm house.

Rainwater collected and used on the garden pots and troughs. The water trugs for the pony, are regularly changed so that they have freshwater. Any water left in them, is also used in the garden. There is an outside tap and hose to wash down muddy pets. It’s important that we all try to conserve water as much as we can e.g. not running the tap continuously while cleaning our teeth, reducing the time in the shower, using low temperature washes in the washing machine, drying washing outside e.t.c.

The orchard at the main farmhouse has a number of varieties of apple and pear trees. We also have rhubarb crowns, raspberry canes, fig tree, blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes. These are used for fresh fruit, desserts, jams and conserves.

7. Roller Blinds

Heating and cooling is one of the biggest contributors to energy bills and can contribute to a large percentage of our energy use.

Blinds can act as an effective insulation, so summers are cool and winters are warm by trapping air between the window surface and the room.

8. Using Public Transport

There is a train station in the village and a local bus service to nearby towns. Also possible to hire bikes and e-bikes locally. See information in Welcome folder, Contact Information.